Swedish Flower Hen: Appearance, Temperament, and Care

Many people have never heard of the Swedish Flower Hen, but if you lay eyes on one, you can’t miss it. They have one of the most beautiful feather patterns you’ll see, and they can make great beginner birds.

While these hens are uncommon, it’s worth considering them for your flock. So, what is this unique breed and where can you find Swedish Flower Hens for sale?

Swedish Flower Hen Overview

Swedish Flower Hen Overview
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Before we look over the details of the Swedish Flower Hen’s traits and care, here’s an overview of things to expect from this breed.

Lifespan5 – 10 years
Weight5 – 8 pounds
AppearanceBlack, blue, red, orange, or brown feathers with white, gold, or black spots.
Egg Production3 – 4 per week
Egg ColorBrown
Good for Beginners?Yes
Price$20 per chick

Swedish Flower Hen History

As the name implies, the Swedish Flower Hen came from Sweden. The “flower” in their name refers to the speckles in their feathers, which are sometimes compared to abstract flowers.

They’re a type of landrace bird, which means humans didn’t specially breed them, but instead, they adapted and evolved over time based on their surroundings. Landrace birds tend to be healthier than other breeds.

Swedish Flower Hens are descendants of other chicken breeds that settlers brought with them to Sweden. Yet, they lived there for hundreds of years and didn’t rely on humans for resources. Humans often used them to trade, where the birds’ eggs and meat could be used for food while their feathers could fill comforters.

In the 1970s, many Swedish Flower Hens had been taken from Sweden and introduced to new locations. Today, few still exist in their country of origin.

Swedish Flower Hen Appearance

Swedish Flower Hens are one of the breeds with the most unique appearance. However, it can greatly vary between each chicken.

Swedish Flower Hen Egg Color

Swedish Flower Hen eggs are usually brown or beige. The first eggs a hen lays will appear small, but the more eggs she lays, the larger they’ll be. Most hens lay large to extra-large eggs.

Swedish Flower Hen Chicks Appearance

Swedish Flower Hen chicks don’t look much different from other chicks. They start with fluffy feathers that are a mix of yellow and brown. They don’t gain beautiful feather colors until they’re pullets. Luckily, they’re faster to mature than most chicken breeds.

Adult Swedish Flower Hen Color Chart

Adult Swedish Flower Hen Color Chart

Swedish Flower Hen colors come in a wide variety of unique patterns. Most hens have a base color of black, blue, brown, orange, or red. Then, the tips of their feathers create white and brown patterns that look like spots.

The Snow Leopard Swedish Flower Hen is the rarest color variety. Those hens have spots that are a mix of white, black, and gold. Thus, the Swedish Flower Hen snow leopard variety has markings similar to the big cat it’s named after. A crested Swedish Flower Hen is possible, but not a guarantee.

The comb, wattles, and ear lobes of these birds are always red while their eyes are orange or yellow. There is no Swedish Flower Hen standard because they aren’t recognized by poultry associations outside of Sweden.

Size and Weight

Swedish Flower hens are considered a medium-sized breed. Hens are usually around 5 pounds while roosters are 8 pounds.

Swedish Flower Hen Temperament

Many praise Swedish Flower Hens for their calm, confident attitudes. Even the roosters are more docile than most.

These birds tend to be independent, so they benefit from having free-range time. They love roaming and exploring on their own, but they’re also happy to receive attention from humans. They tolerate being around children better than most birds.

Do Swedish Flower Hens Go Broody?

These hens are unlikely to go broody. So, you might not see a Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs. However, if they’re able to, about a third of the hens in your flock will experience broody behaviors.

Noise Levels

Do Swedish Flower Hens Go Broody
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Both the hens and roosters of this breed can be chatty. It’s their way of expressing themselves and communicating with each other, so it’s not a behavior that can be deterred. So, they’re best suited for rural environments away from neighbors.

Do Swedish Flower Hens Get Along with Other Animals?

Since Swedish Flower Hens are rarely aggressive, it’s okay to keep them in an enclosure with other breeds. It’s rare that they’ll try to pick a fight with other animals.

Swedish Flower Hen Care Requirements

It’s no secret that Swedish Flower Hens are beautiful, but are they easy to care for? Here are some tips for how to keep your flock healthy and content.


Luckily, the dietary needs of a Swedish Flower Hen aren’t much different than any other breed. They need to eat a high-quality feed that’s packed with nutrients. As chicks, their feed should be higher in protein.

When adults start laying eggs, they can benefit from extra calcium in their meals. Hens that don’t get enough calcium and protein may lay eggs with thin shells, meaning the eggs won’t be as nutritious.

To help your chickens get all the nutrients they need, you should give them some time to roam. Free-range chickens can forage for nutrients and help remove pests. So, it’s a win-win for both you and your birds.

Habitat Setup

Habitat Setup
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Your coop should have at least four square feet per Swedish Flower Hen. If possible, you should always give them more since they can be curious and adventurous.

During the day, these chickens love to have lots of room to roam, so free-ranging is the easiest option for most keepers. If you’re unable to let them explore freely, make sure their enclosure has more than enough space for them.

They don’t tolerate confinement well, so you’ll need to give them each at least eight square feet of run space. It’s a good idea to make their enclosure secure from predators. Yet, the spots on their feathers also help them hide from threats.


This breed’s ideal temperature is between 32 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They can withstand all types of weather if needed, but they’re more tolerant of cold weather than hot. Depending on how cold it gets in the winter, you may need to install a coop heater.

If you live somewhere that’s warm all the time, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep your chickens safe. Make sure the coop is well-ventilated and that there are plenty of shady areas outside. Also, make sure the chickens have clean, cool water accessible to them at all times.

Health Concerns

Like most landrace chickens, these hens are super healthy. They’re not prone to any major health concerns.

Yet, like with all chickens, you should keep an eye out for pests like lice and parasites. Keep their coop clean and replace their food and water regularly to prevent them from getting infected.

Swedish Flower Hen Egg Production

Swedish Flower Hens are great at producing eggs. They usually lay about three to four large eggs a week. So, the Swedish Flower Hens eggs per year end up being between 150 and 200.

Hens don’t need a rooster to produce eggs for human consumption. However, if you want to raise more chicks, you’ll need to introduce a male to the flock to get fertile eggs.

When Do Swedish Flower Hens Start Laying?

When Do Swedish Flower Hens Start Laying

An egg laying Swedish Flower hen starts at around 17 weeks old. Their first few eggs might be smaller, but they’ll soon have a consistent egg laying schedule with large, healthy eggs. Of course, their diet can affect the quality of their eggs.

Where to Buy Swedish Flower Hens

This breed can be hard to come across, but if you’re patient and do your research, you should be able to find Swedish Flower Hen chicks for sale or possibly even Swedish Flower Hen eggs for sale. Look for breeders who specialize in that breed.

When looking for Swedish Flower Hens, be cautious about low prices. These birds can have a wide range of costs, but they’re usually worth about $20 per chick, sometimes even $30. Someone selling them at a discount could be giving out unhealthy birds, especially if they don’t seem experienced with the breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide if a Swedish Flower Hen is the right breed for you, there could be some lingering questions. Here are some things that chicken keepers commonly wonder.

Can There Be Swedish Flower Roosters?

Yes, a Swedish Flower Hen rooster is common like with any other breed. Having “hen” in the name can be misleading, but like all chickens, there are males and females. In fact, they’re the largest roosters native to Sweden.

Do Swedish Flower Hens Fly?

Yes, Swedish Flower Hens can fly. Most chickens can fly, but only for a short distance. They can briefly fly fast to escape predators. Yet, they can’t fly far enough to escape their enclosure. If you’re worried about them flying away, you can build higher walls surrounding their space, but as long as they have their basic needs, they won’t be eager to leave.

Is a Swedish Flower Hen Right for You?

It’s easy to fall in love with the Swedish Flower Hen’s beauty, but there’s a lot to consider before bringing them home. Luckily, these birds are great for beginners due to their docile temperaments and great egg-laying abilities.

Yet, if you want to care for this breed, you need to be aware that they cost more and they can be harder to find. So, if you’re willing to take your time and do your research before getting them, then they could make a great addition to your flock.